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Goat Medicine

David M. Sherman, Mary C. Smith

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Fully revised and expanded, Goat Medicine, Second Edition includes discussions on new diseases ranging from bovine spongiform encephalopathy to floppy kid disease as well as major updates on important diseases such as scrapie, mycoplasmosis, paratuberculosis, and urolithiasis. Information has also been added on management of transgenic goats and organic goat production. The text begins by outlining fundamentals of goat practice and moves on to systems-based coverage of the goat. Each chapter provides clinical anatomy and physiology of every system alongside information on relevant clinical signs, differential diagnosis, and system-specific disease.


(Vet MedToday, 15 June 2010)
"The text is well organized and thoroughly researched andreferenced.. . . this book is highly recommended for small ruminantpractitioners as well as for anyone who works with goats"
(JAVMA, June2010)
"The second edition of Goat Medicine is the enhanced andupdated version of the original, invaluable resource. The text iswell organized and thoroughly researched and referenced. Specialeffort was made by the authors to address goat health issuesrelative to tropical and subtropical climates. This, as well asinclusion of extensive information on foreign animal diseases,makes this text an extremely useful global reference. Theauthors' personal experiences, combined with results of athorough search of the veterinary literature, have resulted in themost comprehensive references on goats currently available. Thisbook is highly recommended for small ruminant practitioners as wellas for anyone who works with goats."
(Doody's, March 2010)
"This much-needed second edition is of the highest quality.There is an increasing interest in goats in North America, and,worldwide, goats are of great economic and social importance. Thisbook will be used by goat practitioners and others as the bible forgoat medicine."
(The Veterinary Record, February 2010)
"This textbook presents a great deal of scholarly information."
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