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Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry

Ron E. Banks, Sonia D. Doss, Julie M. Sharp, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry is a practical reference for assessing, handling, and treating small exotic animals in the veterinary clinic. Covering common species such as mice, hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets, the book focuses on nursing care, giving veterinary staff the information they need to work with these less-common patients. With information on basic anatomy, preventative care, and common diseases, Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of caring for small exotic mammals and communicating with owners.


(National Association of Veterinary Technicians inAmerica , 2011)
"Short of acquiring clinical books featuring only a single species,this book is thorough enough that it would be a valuable additionto the library of any veterinary professional interested in exoticsmall mammals."
(VSPN, June 2010)
"Overall, this book is a great source of information forveterinary technicians and assistants who frequently work withsmall mammals. The text is very easy to use, and could also be usedto provide information to clients who need help with husbandry. Itis small, concise, and to the point without a bunch of statisticsor unnecessary text to muddle through. This text would be a greataddition to any general or exotic practice, or for the veterinarytechnician's library. Veterinarians and other staff members mayalso benefit from having this book on their shelf of easy-to-reachreference material."
(VeterinaryRecord, November 2010)
"There is certainly something for anyone with an interest inexotics to be found within these pages, and it will be most usefulfor veterinary nurses and pet owners. It should be judged as anexcellent starter guide for exotic veterinarians, with goodcoverage of basic procedures and disease processes, thus meritingits place on most veterinary practice bookshelves."
(Doody's, October 2010)
This is a useful book for those in the veterinary field. Itprovides a great deal of information for various species in awell-organized manner."
(The Midwest Book Review, June2010)
"Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry is a fine basicreference for handling and treating small animals in the vetclinic. It covers everything from mice and hamsters to ferrets andfocuses on housing, nutrition and diseases. Basic anatomy andpreventative care are included in a fine easy approach many a petowner will also appreciate."
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