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Fish Disease

Diagnosis and Treatment

Edward J. Noga

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Editionprovides thorough, yet concise descriptions of viral, bacterial,fungal, parasitic and noninfectious diseases in an exhaustivenumber of fish species. Now in full color with over 500 images, thebook is designed as a comprehensive guide to the identification andtreatment of both common and rare problems encountered during theclinical work-up. Diseases are discussed following a systems-basedapproach to ensure a user-friendly and practical manual foridentifying problems. Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition isthe must-have reference for any aquaculturists, aquatic biologists,or fish health specialists dealing with diagnosing or treating fishdiseases.


The second edition of Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatmentis a welcome update of the 1996 original. Enlarged to include130 pages of new information and generously illustrated with colorphotographs and black-and-white diagrams, this text should serve asa resource for practitioners who occasionally treat pet fish aswell as for dedicated fish disease diagnosticians. Reasonablypriced, this comprehensive text is a useful addition to the libraryof any veterinarian engaged in fish medicine and diagnostics.(Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association,December 2010)
(Doody's, December 2010)
"This is a welcome expansion of the first edition. It offers amuch expanded clinical methods section, several new and/or newlyorganized problems, and presentation of enhanced and updatedtreatment options. Altogether, new information has increased thepage count by 130 pages. This book remains unique in its clinicalas well as academic usefulness. The clinical focus makes it standout from other important fish medicine and disease references, andits ease of use makes it a popular first choice of professionals inthe field."
(TheMidwest Book Review, October 2010)
"The second updated edition of Edward J. Noga's FISH DISEASE:DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT (9780813806976) is a 'must' for anyaquatic biologist or fish health specialist. The newly updatededition expands clinical work-up insights, coverage of fishpathogen identification, and more, providing updates on diagnosis,treatment, and issues affecting overall environmental health. Theresult is a top pick filled with technical detail and the latestresearch, recommended for any college-level collection!"
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