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Feline Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Kenneth J. Drobatz (Hrsg.), Merilee F. Costello (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Feline Emergency and Critical Care Medicine is the firstbook to focus specifically on feline-specific emergency andcritical care. Designed as a quick-access manual of emergencyand critical care procedures, information is presented in aneasy-to-follow outline format. With an emphasis on theunique considerations for treating cats, this book providesall the information needed to confidently manage the felinecritical patient.


(Vets Today, 2011)
"This book is an excellent source of information for general and ICU feline practices."
(Veterinary Practice, 1 July 2011)
"This is a book of use in both emergency and general practice and it is lovely to have a book dedicated to cats. It is good value for money; it certainly addresses the idiosyncrasies of cats and fills a much-needed gap in the emergency medicine field. "
(Australian Veterinary Journal, 5 May 2011)
"I would recommend this book for any veterinarians involved in feline emergency work and those studying for the Australian College of Veterinary Science examinations in emergency and critical care, small animal medicine or medicine of cats."
(Veterinary Record, October 2010)
"The scope and quality of the information included in the book is excellent.... the editors have done an excellent job: most of the individual chapters provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on feline medicine, with good cross-referencing between chapters.... this book is [a] very good value considering the detail it contains, and would be a useful addition to the library of any veterinary practice involved in the treatment of feline patients."
(Australian Veterinary Journal, May 2011)
"A good addition to the emergency clinician's library. There is a very good section on the feline neurological examination, which addresses the difficulties often encountered when attempting this with an uncooperative cat. The chapters on reproductive and paediatric emergencies are also exceptional, as these topics are often not well covered in other books. I would recommend this book for any veterinarians involved in feline emergency work."
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