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The Key to the C-Suite

What You Need to Know to Sell Successfully to Top Executives

Michael J. Nick

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With budgets more stringent than ever, important purchasing decisions have moved up the ladder to the C-suite. And when it comes to selling to those at the highest level, author Michael Nick has a revelation for you: ROI is no longer the key metric for making purchasing decisions. In The Key to the C-Suite, he reveals the ten tangible metrics C-level executives do look for, and teaches readers to apply those metrics to build a case for their products and services that will unlock the door to greater sales. You'll learn how to: uncover key financial information on a prospect; determine a corporation's financial stability; clearly define the value of the product or service you are selling; calculate the value impact of your offerings in financial metrics; and showcase how your sales packages fit into metrics such as return on asset, return on equity, operating costs, net profit, and earnings. These days, it is crucial for sales professionals to be able to communicate the positive effect their products or services will have on a company's financial statements. The Key to the C-Suite explains how to showcase bottom-live value using individually trackable and measurable metrics that will win over companies' top decision makers.

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