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Like a Man Gone Mad

Poems in a New Century

Samuel Hazo

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Hazo, National Book Award finalist and former State Poet of Pennsylva­nia, transports the reader with poems of both lament and celebration in his sensual new collection. Like a Man Gone Mad features much of the spare yet precise imagery of his earlier work. Searing portraits, a deft use of allegorical language, and a wry sense of humor are all signatures of Hazo’s unique voice.

Taking up the theme of time, the poems carry the reader back and forth through personal and historical time, offering glimpses of a wide range of figures, from Pascal and Heraclitus to John F. Kennedy and Clark Gable. From each vantage point, Hazo meditates on themes of vitality and longevity, legacy and oblivion, and the enduring folly of both the individual and society. Accessible and eminently readable, the po­ems in Like a Man Gone Mad embody a rich intellectual and emotional curiosity.

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