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National Minority, Regional Majority

Palestinian Arabs Versus Jews in Israel

Yitzhak Reiter

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The struggle between Israelis and Palestinians has proven to be one of the most complex and intractable conflicts of our time, persisting for more than a century despite the efforts of leaders worldwide. In National Minority, Regional Majority, Yitzhak Reiter reexamines the relationship between the Jewish majority and the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel, focusing on the unique dynamic at work there between a religiously and ethnically defined majority and a significant national minority. With assurance and erudition, Reiter explores the complicated factors that influence the ethnonational conflict. Drawing extensively on the theory of "interlocking conflicts," the author chronicles the pattern of alternating tranquility and rebellion in Jewish-Arab relations.

Reiter’s meticulous research and nuanced analysis yield a sophisticated interpretation of Israeli policy toward the
Palestinians and offer a powerful approach toward conflict management.



peace studies, political science