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Irish Theater in America

Essays on Irish Theatrical Diaspora

John Harrington (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Theater, Ballett


For over 150 years, Irish playwrights, beginning with Dion Boucicault, have been celebrated by American audiences. However, Irish theater as represented on the American stage is a selective version of the national drama, and the underlying causes for Irish dramatic success in America illuminate the cultural state of both countries at specific historical moments. Irish Theater in America is the first book devoted entirely to the long history of this transatlantic exchange.

Born out of the conference of the Irish Theatrical Diaspora project, this collection gathers together leading American and Irish scholars, in addition to established theater critics. Contributors explore the history of Irish theater in America from Harrigan and Hart, through some of the greatest and most disappointing Irish tours of America, to the most contemporary productions of senior Irish playwrights such as Brian Friel and younger writers such as Martin McDonagh and Conor McPherson. Covering the complexity of the relationship between Irish theater and the United States, this volume goes beyond the expected analysis of plays to include examinations of company dynamics, analysis of audience reception, and reviews of production history of individual works.

Contents include:
Mick Moloney, "Harrigan, Hart, and Braham: Irish-America and the Birth of the American Musical"
Nicholas Grene, "Faith Healer in New York and Dublin"
Lucy McDiarmid, "The Abbey, Its ‘Helpers,’ and the Field of Cultural Production in 1913"
Christina Hunt Mahony, "’The Irish Play’: Beyond the Generic"



theater, Irish studies, drama