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George Rodger

An Adventure in Photography, 1908-1995

Carole Naggar

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George Rodger was a trailblazing twen-tieth-century British photojournalist who lived in the adventurous tradition of nineteenth-century explorers. Cofounding Magnum Photos in 1947 with Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, the modest Rodger was eclipsed in celebrity by his partners—until now.

Rodger’s Indiana Jones–style escapades are legendary. During World War II he covered sixty-one countries for Life magazine. He was chased through three hundred miles of Burmese jungle by both the Japanese army and a tribe of headhunters. And he was the first to record the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He quit war photography when he realized he was arranging "thousands of Jewish corpses in nice photographic compositions." He went on to become a key photographer of African tribal life, covering over 75,000 miles of "old Africa" in a Land Rover and even surviving a white rhino charge.

In stunning detail Carole Naggar not only recalls Rodger’s singular life and artistic contribution but she also provides an in-depth look at the complex dynamics of violence, ethics, and photojournalism. As such, this book places the legacy of George Rodger within a broader sociohistorical context.

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