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The Photographed Cat

Picturing Close Human-Feline Ties 1900-1940

Arnold Arluke, Lauren Rolfe

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With more than 130 illustrations, The Photographed Cat: Picturing Human–Feline Ties, 1890–1940 is both an archive and an analytical exploration of the close relationships between people and their cats during a period significant for photography and for modern understandings of animals as pets. This volume examines the cultural implications of feline companions while also celebrating the intimacy and joys of pets and family photographs. In seven thematic sections, Arluke and Rolfe engage with the collection of antique images as representations of both real and ideal relationships, noting the cultural trends and tropes that occur. Whether as surrogate children, mascots, or companions to women, cats are part of modern American life and visual culture.

Entertaining, smart, and filled with a collector’s trove of wonderful images, The Photographed Cat pays homage to the surprising range of relationships we have with cats and offers thoughtful consideration of the ways in which we represent them.

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photography, animal studies