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Memory Ireland

Volume 3: The Famine and the Troubles

Oona Frawley (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Recent years have seen cultural memory become a significant element in area studies and the humanities. Ireland, with its trauma-filled history and huge global diaspora, presents a fascinating subject for work in this vein. This series as a whole seeks to construct a landscape of cultural memory in Ireland, looking to map—through an examination of various historical moments, spaces, and cultural forms—the ways in which cultural memory shifts over time.

Volume 3 focuses on the impact of trauma on cultural memory by considering two cruxes, the Famine and the Troubles, as formative to the study of Irish cultural memory. Topics include hunger strikes, monuments to the Famine, trauma and the politics of memory in the Irish peace process, and Ulster Loyalist battles in the twenty-first century. Gathering the work of leading scholars such as Graham Dawson, Richard Kearney, Margaret Kelleher, David Lloyd, and Joseph Valente, this collection is an essential contribution to the field of Irish studies.

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