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Peconic Bay

Four Centuries of History on Long Island’s North and South Forks

Marilyn E. Weigold

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Bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north by Long Island Sound, the Peconic Bay region, including the North and South Forks, has only recently been recognized for its environmental and economic significance. The story of the waterway and its contiguous land masses is one of farmers and fishermen, sailing vessels and submarines, wealthy elite residents, and award winning vineyards.

Peconic Bay examines the past 400 years of the region’s history, tracing the growth of the fishing industry, the rise of tourism, and the impact of a military presence in the wake of September 11. Weigold introduces readers to the people of Peconic Bay’s colorful history—from Albert Einstein and Captain Kidd, to Clara Barton and Kofi Annan—as well as to the residents who have struggled, and continue to struggle, over the well-being of their community and their estuarine connection to the planet. Throughout, Weigold brings to life the region’s rich sense of place and shines a light on its unique role in our nation’s history.

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Long Island economic developmental history, Peconic, Suffolk County, NY, geography, New York State, Peconic Estuary Region, environmental history, maritime history, Long Island history