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Paul Celan

The Romanian Dimension

Petre Solomon

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


In the immediate aftermath of World War II, Paul Celan moved to Bucharest, where he spent more than two years working as a translator at Carta Rusa publishing house. During that time he was introduced to poet and translator Petre Solomon and began a close friendship that would endure many years, despite the distances that separated them and the turbulent times in which they lived. In this poignant memoir, Solomon recalls the experiences he shared with Celan and captures the ways in which Bucharest profoundly influenced Celan’s evolution as a poet. He recounts the publication of the famous "Todesfuge" for the first time in the Romanian magazine Agora and his fertile connection with the Romanian surrealist movement. Through Solomon’s vivid recollection and various letters Celan sent to friends, readers also get an intimate glimpse of Celan’s personality, one characterized by a joyful appreciation of friendship and a subtle sense of humor. Translated from the original, Tegla’s edition makes this remarkable memoir available to a much-deserved wider audience for the first time.

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poetry, Jewish studies, memoir