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Strengthening Community

Social Insurance in a Diverse America

Maya Rockeymoore (Hrsg.), Martha Priddy Patterson (Hrsg.), William E. Spriggs (Hrsg.), Kathleen Buto (Hrsg.)

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This new volume from the National Academy of Social Insurance raises a provocative question that goes to the heart of discussion about social insurance and diversity—to what extent must social insurance programs address historical, social, and economic inequities? The contributors explore issues of equity and diversity in social insurance programs in America today. Some argue that differences in the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities have contributed to contemporary "gaps" that span an array of socioeconomic indicators, including education, wealth, life expectancy, and health status. These indicators are central to the administration of social insurance programs because they help determine not only the type and amount of benefits distributed but also whether benefits are received at all. Contributors include Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), Kathleen Buto (Johnson & Johnson), Adam Carasso (Urban Institute), Donna Chiffriller (Verizon), Lee Cohen (Social Security Administration), Cecilia Conrad (Pomona College), Paul Eggers (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders), James Randolph Farris (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Linda Fishman (Senate Finance Committee), Nancy M. Gordon (U.S. Census Bureau), J. Lee Hargraves (Center for Studying Health System Change), Pamela Herd (University of Michigan), Kim Hildred (House Ways and Means Committee), Audrietta C. Izlar (Verizon), Kilolo Kijakazi (Ford Foundation), Cheryl Hill Lee (National Urban League), Robert C. Lieberman (Columbia University), James B. Lockhart III (Social Security Administration), Vicky Lovell (Institute for Women's Policy Research), Nicole Lurie (RAND), Cindy Mann (Georgetown University), Jerry Mashaw (Yale University), John T. Monahan (Annie E. Casey Foundation), Samuel L. Myers Jr. (University of Minnesota), Leslie Norwalk (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Kathryn Olson (House Committee on Ways and Means), Jill Quadagno (Florida State University), Brian D. Smedley (Institute of Medicine), Eugene Steuerle (Urban Institute), Ray Suarez (The News Hour with Jim Lehrer), and Ruby Takanishi (Foundation for Child Development).

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