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Wilfrid Sellars and Phenomenology

Intersections, Encounters, Oppositions

Daniele De Santis (Hrsg.), Danilo Manca (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


Wilfrid Sellars tackled the difficult problems of reconciling Pittsburgh school–style analytic thought, Husserlian phenomenology, and the Myth of the Given.

This collection of essays brings into dialogue the analytic philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars—founder of the Pittsburgh school of thought—and phenomenology, with a special focus on the work of Edmund Husserl. The book’s wide-ranging discussions include the famous Myth of the Given but also more traditional problems in the philosophy of mind and phenomenology such as the

status of perception and imagination
nature of intentionality
concept of motivation
relationship between linguistic and nonlinguistic experiences
relationship between conceptual and preconceptual experiences

Moreover, the volume addresses the conflicts between Sellars’s manifest and scientific images of the world and Husserl’s ontology of the life-world. The volume takes as a point of departure Sellars’s criticism of the Myth of the Given, but only to show the many problems that label obscures. Contributors explain aspects of Sellars’s philosophy vis-à-vis Husserl’s phenomenology, articulating the central problems and solutions of each. The book is a must-read for scholars and students interested in learning more about Sellars and for those comparing Continental and analytic philosophical thought.


Walter Hopp
Wolfgang Huemer
Roberta Lanfredini
Danilo Manca
Karl Mertens
Antonio Nunziante
Jacob Rump
Daniele De Santis
Michela Summa

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Life-World, Imagination, Intentionality, Scientific and Manifest Image, Perception, Myth of the Given, Edmund Husserl, Pittsburgh School