Competency Based Nursing Education

Guide to Achieving Outstanding Learner Outcomes

Jan L. McCoy, Marion G. Anema

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The need for competency-based education (CBE) in nursing has been recognized for years. CBE provides a way to help ensure that learners are competent at the end of educational endeavors. This book is designed as a resource for nurse educators who are responsible for diverse education programs.

Authors Anema and McCoy bring together all the elements of CBE, and provide a road map to develop, implement, and evaluate competency-based approaches to nursing education. The book provides valuable guidelines for developing organizational strategies, new care delivery approaches, and project planning tools. Guidance on performance assessment tools and data collection is also included.

Key features:

  • Explains why CBE is needed and how it can help improve current education programs
  • Presents practical guidelines on how to transition to the CBE approach
  • Provides helpful guidance on developing valid and reliable assessments
  • Includes critical information on data collection and the use of data to verify achievement of outcomes
  • Contains practice activities at the end of each chapter to simulate real-life situations

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