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Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners in Gynecologic Settings

Joellen W. Hawkins, Diane M. Roberto-Nichols, J. Lynn Stanley-Haney, et al.

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A 'one-stop' comprehensive guide to women's health, updated with new evidence-based guidelines and timely topics

The 11th edition of this classic guide for management of common gynecological conditions by advanced practice nurses is updated with cutting-edge topics, new evidence-based guidelines, and current patient teaching materials to enhance excellence in clinical practice. It features a completely updated chapter on the well woman annual exam including issues about the care of older women, and extensive revisions throughout the new edition regarding contraceptive methods, CAMs, medical abortion, HIV-AIDs, HPV screening and vaccine recommendations, and much more. Appendices containing abundant clinical resources and valuable patient teaching information, and comprehensive bibliographies, are also extensively revised and rewritten.

Concise and well organized, this authoritative resource features an outline format that provides speedy access to critical information across womenís age span. Guidelines reflect ìbest-practiceî standards of care that are culled from literature on evidence-based practice and help to ensure improved patient outcomes. Expert contributors include prominent specialists from all arenas of gynecological health. Complete guidelines are presented in a template that includes definition, etiology, history, physical exam, lab exam, differential diagnosis, treatment, complications, consultation/referral, and follow-up. The guide addresses common gynecologic concerns including infections and sexually transmitted diseases, navigating life transitions, and menopause and incontinence. It encompasses issues of weight management, osteoporosis, smoking cessation, stress management, changes in sexuality, and health risks.

New to the 11th Edition:

  • Enhanced mental health chapter detailing the discontinuation of SSRI/SNRIs
  • A bibliography for each guideline including additional websites
  • Revisions to guidelines for STDs, vaginitis and vaginosis
  • Guidelines for management of cytological abnormalities and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
  • New information on hormone therapy, menopause, and osteoporosis
  • Updated information on contraception based on patientsí individual profiles and clinical data
  • Revised information on natural family planning from an expert NFP educator
  • New data on long term effects of HRT
  • New data on HPV, HIV treatment and survival
  • Expanded section on screening for updating of laboratory tests
  • Additional data-based evidence on over-the-counter remedies and non-prescription supplements
  • New data on screenings for breast cancer
  • New Pap smear guidelines across the lifespan
  • Physical assessment of pelvic floor integrity and dysfunction
  • Helpful techniques for difficult examinations
  • Updated information on vulvar dermatology
  • Information on lesbian, bisexual, and transgender health concerns

Key Features:

  • Reflects best-practice standards of care empirically demonstrated to improve patient outcomes
  • Updated to include cutting-edge topics and new evidence-based guidelines
  • Presents guidelines in concise, consistent outline format to ensure quick and easy access to clinical information
  • Written by a highly respected and experienced team of authors
  • Provides valuable patient teaching information

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