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Lashley's Essentials of Clinical Genetics in Nursing Practice

Tonya Schneidereith (Hrsg.), Christine Kasper (Hrsg.), Felissa R. Lashley (Hrsg.)

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Completely updated to help nurses learn to ìthink geneticallyî

Todayís nurses must be able to ìthink geneticallyî to help individuals and families who are affected by genetic disease or contemplating genetic testing. This book is a classic resource for nursing students and practitioners at all levels who need to acquire the knowledge and skills for using genomics in their practice. This completely updated second edition encompasses the many recent advances in genetic research and knowledge, providing essential new information on the science, technology, and clinical application of genomics. It focuses on the provision of individualized patient care based on personal genetics and dispositions. The second edition is designed for use by advanced practice nursing programs, as well as undergraduate programs. It pinpoints new developments in prenatal, maternity, and pediatric issues and supplies new information on genomics-based personal drug therapy, environmental susceptibilities, genetic therapies, epigenetics, and ethics

The text features a practical, clinically oriented framework in line with the core competencies defined by the AACN. It delivers information according to a lifespan approach used in the practice setting. The second edition continues to provide basic information on genomics, its impact on healthcare, and genetic disorders. It covers prevention, genetic counseling and referral, neuropsychiatric nursing, and public health. The core of the text presents information on a variety of diseases that affect patients throughout the lifespan, with specific guidance on the nursing role. Also included are tests for a variety of diseases and information on pharmacogenomics, which enable health care providers to select the best drugs for treatment based on a patientís genetic makeup. Plentiful case study examples support the information throughout. Additionally, an instructorís package of PowerPoint slides and a test bank are provided for use at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Completely updated with several new chapters

  • Personal drug therapy based on genomics

  • Environmental susceptibilities

  • Prenatal detection and diagnosis

  • Newborn and genetic screening

  • Reproductive technologies

  • Ethical issues

  • Genetic therapies

  • Epigenetics

  • Content for graduate-level programs

  • PowerPoint slides and a test bank for all student levels

Key Features:

  • Encompasses state-of-the-art genomics from a nursing perspective

  • Provides a practical, clinically oriented lifespan approach

  • Covers science, technology, and clinical application of genomics

  • Addresses prevention, genetic testing, and treatment methods

  • Written for undergraduate- and graduate-level nursing students

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