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Social Work and Family Violence

Theories, Assessment, and Intervention

Michele Day, Amanda M. Keys, Joan McClennen, et al.

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The second edition of this comprehensive text for MSW and BSW students studying family violence is fully reorganized for improved flow of information, is substantially revised, and is updated to reflect current scholarship and practice. Focusing on child abuse and maltreatment, intimate partner violence (IPV), and older adult abuse, the book covers assessment procedures and evidence-based treatments used by social workers with victims and perpetrators of all age groups and of both genders. It provides expanded information on agencies advocating on behalf of children including child advocacy centers, guardians ad litem, and court-appointed special advocates as well as child welfare laws and policies. The textbook provides updated information related to IPV and vulnerable/at-risk populations including sex trafficking victims, veterans, and male victims. The second edition also features more in-depth theoretical information integrated with case studies, and new information regarding technological issues and criminal justice reform.

The authors address assessments and interventions for adult victims of family violence, adult survivors of child abuse, child witnesses of domestic violence, adolescent victims of dating violence, older adult victims of abuse, and both male and female perpetrators of abuse. The text encompasses several features that make it particularly useful in the classroom, including real-life case studies in every chapter, key terms, and discussion questions. An updated and robust instructor package includes a fully revised Test Bank and more detailed PowerPoints.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Aligns with 2015 CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards
  • Adds updated news articles to help stimulate discussion on chapter content
  • Updated instructor package including fully revised Test Bank
  • Updated and expanded PowerPoint presentations
  • Expanded information in the child maltreatment section on child advocacy centers, guardians ad litem, and court-appointed special advocates
  • A new child maltreatment case example and SMART plan
  • Updated child welfare laws and policies
  • Expanded coverage of safety planning and protection orders for IPV victims
  • New coverage of IPV and sex trafficking
  • Expanded coverage of IPV with male victims and their female perpetrators
  • Coverage of multiple vulnerable and at-risk populations
  • Use of pet therapy and service dogs for IPV in military
  • Updated material on causation of older adult abuse
  • Inclusion of instrument to screen for maltreatment
  • Expanded chapter on assessment and intervention of older adult abuse
  • Example of a possible risk assessment for older adults

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female victims, sex trafficking, at-risk population, spouse abuse, male victims, older adultabuse, child maltreatment, social work, intimate partner violence, family violence, posttraumatic stress disorder