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Ethics and Decision Making in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Michael Hartley, Robert Cottone, Vilia Tarvydas, et al.

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Updated, reorganized, and streamlined to focus squarely on ethical decision making in counseling and psychotherapy and in the practice of specialties in counseling.


The fifth edition of this text is unparalleled in helping counselors-in-training use ethical decision-making processes as a foundation for approaching ethical and legal dilemmas in clinical practice. Newly organized and streamlined to eliminate redundancies, this textbook presents multiple new chapters that reflect the latest developments in counseling specialty areas. This new edition also features an overview of ethical decision-making models, principles, and standards. Abundant instructor resources, reflecting changes to the fifth edition, include an Instructor’s Manual, Power Points, Sample Syllabi, and a Test Bank.

Through its alignment with the CAPREP standards, the new edition continues to deliver a comprehensive overview of ethical decision-making models in each chapter, along with step-by-step processes for applying these models to a wide range of clinical cases. Case scenarios specific to specialized practice issues provide insight into practice with different client populations. Additionally, the text considers office, administrative, electronic, technology, and related issues, and the role of values in counseling addressing contemporary emphasis on ethical treatment of value conflicts that are crucial to the operation of all practices. Abundant features highlight key content and reinforce learning, including bold-faced key terms with definitions, boxed content showcasing crucial information, and reflection questions to stimulate rigorous thinking.

New to the Fifth Edition:

  • Reorganized and streamlined for ease of use
  • Includes updated reference to codes of ethics from ASCA and AMHCA
  • Addresses shifts in the structure of specialty practices including the merger of CORE and CACREP
  • Provides several new chapters on clinical specialties and supervision issues
  • Focuses on ethics in counseling specialties: clinical mental health; school; couples, marriage and family; addictions; career; rehabilitation; and group
  • Addresses ethical practice of the new clinical rehabilitation counseling specialty—the only text to do so
  • Offers student learning activities in each chapter with additional practice scenarios available for downloading
  • Provides access to appropriate codes of ethics via chapter-by-chapter links
  • Delivers updated case scenarios

Key Features:

  • Covers all counseling specialties and their respective ethical codes aligning with recent developments in the profession
  • Describes how to avoid, address, and solve serious ethical and legal dilemmas to prepare counselors-in-training for complex situations they may encounter
  • Includes objectives, case studies, references, key terms, learning activities and reflection questions embedded in chapter content
  • Highlights important information with boxed callouts
  • Addresses key office, administrative, electronic, technology, and other practice issues
  • Provides Appendix with web links to codes of ethics in counseling and specialties
  • Includes Dr. Cottone’s Social Constructivism Decision-Making Model and Dr. Tarvydas’s Integrative Decision-Making Model

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