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Veteran-Centered Care in Education and Practice

An Essential Guide for Nursing Faculty

Katie Chargualaf (Hrsg.), Barbara Patterson (Hrsg.), Brenda Elliott (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Allgemeines


Veteran-Centered Care in Education and Practice: An Essential Guide for Nursing Faculty addresses the mandate to improve veteran healthcare as a national priority, highlighting the tremendous impact nurses can make on improving veteran health. It provides guidance on how faculty can integrate veteran-centered care into nursing curricula, ultimately improving veteran-centered care at the bedside and in the community. The expert authors utilize a holistic approach to veteran needs, beginning with an overview of the importance of veteran health in nursing education and a primer of military culture and lifestyle, and transitions. A wide range of veteran-specific healthcare issues are addressed, including occupational and environmental exposures, common physical-related issues, mental-health issues, and special topics such as women's health and military sexual trauma, gender issues, and end-of-life concerns.


This book offers innovative teaching and learning strategies to build a base of knowledge related to nursing prioritization of veteran health care needs, filling a notable gap in nursing literature. It includes teaching strategies for the classroom and clinical setting that graduate/undergraduate nurse educators may employ to integrate veteran content into existing courses or to build a Veteran Health elective or topics course. It outlines key competencies and essential knowledge faculty and students need to teach and provide basic veteran-centered care. Also covered are the expansion of Veteran-to-BSN programs, current research on veterans transitioning to the classroom, and strategies to enhance learning within this student population and maximize their skills and leadership abilities.

Key Features:

  • Discusses national and organizational efforts to improve veteran-centered care
  • Guides nursing faculty on how to address the multifaceted nature of veteran health needs in existing nursing courses and curricula at all educational levels
  • Outlines key competencies and essential knowledge faculty and students need to teach and provide basic veteran-centered care
  • Includes evidence-based instructional strategies and resources to incorporate into classroom and clinical settings
  • Features learning activities to enhance knowledge acquisition
  • Details the unique needs of the veteran student population, as well as strategies to enhance their learning, while maximizing their skills and leadership abilities

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