Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Second Edition

From Evidence to Practice

Magdalena Mateo (Hrsg.), Marquis D. Foreman (Hrsg.)

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"This book should provide graduate nursing students with the knowledge to evaluate research evidence and use it in practice. With the increasing focus on EBP, this book should serve as a useful resource." Score: 100, 5 stars.--Doody's

"This book would be useful for both graduate nursing students and practicing nurses."--Doody's Medical Reviews

The second edition of this award-winning reference on formulating, achieving, and sustaining evidence-based practice (EBP) through clinical research updates all prior content and includes two new chapters on establishing and sustaining an evidence-based practice and environment, and how a research question drives the selection of research design, measurement, and analysis. Also featured are cutting-edge discussions of translational science and interprofessional research plus the contributions of several new authors.

Designed for use by graduate students, clinical administrators, and managers and in DNP programs and in-service education, the text offers practical methods to translate evidence into practice by effectively using and appraising clinical studies. It presents research concepts in a clear, conversational tone and addresses the most current knowledge about how nurses can learn to formulate and achieve EBP as clinicians. From a single study to a meta-analysis, EBP concepts related to patient care are integrated throughout. Clinically relevant examples present ways students and staff can apply knowledge to daily clinical practice through the development, implementation, and evaluation of clinical protocols. Text boxes and web references reinforce information. Taken together, the content of the Second Edition will help the nursing profession in its move toward the forefront of institutional management, research, policy decisions, and ethical considerationsóall to enhance safe patient care and health. The book also includes interactive PDF with fill-in, reusable templates, and is available in enhanced eBook format that includes audio/video Q & A.

New to the Second Edition:
  • Presents new content on translational science and inter-professional research.
  • Updates all content from the first edition.
  • Includes two new chapters on establishing and sustaining EBT and how a research question drives the selection of a research design, measurement and analysis.
  • Presents the contributions of several new authors.
  • Features psychosocial and physical data collection and analysis methods.
  • Includes guidelines on evaluating research articles, including ethical components.
  • Suggests strategies for establishing and sustaining an organizational evidence-based practice.
  • Presents primary ways of evaluating cost as a dimension of evidence-based practice.
  • Offers appendices with evidence-based practice activities and protocols, and a resource list of relevant websites.
  • Features interactive PDF with fill-in, reusable templates.
  • Available as enhanced eBook that includes audio/video Q & A

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EBP, professional organizations, organizational process, communication, outcome evaluation, ethical practices, cost analysis, advanced practice nurses, program evaluation, clinical studies, evidence-based practice, nursing research, practice guidelines