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Advanced Public and Community Health Nursing Practice

Population Assessment, Program Planning and Evaluation

Naomi E. Ervin, Pamela Kulbok

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Written by advanced practice public/community health nurse experts, this comprehensive resource for advanced practice nursing students and clinicians builds upon the core foundations of practice: social justice, interdisciplinary practice, community involvement, disease prevention, and health promotion. Interweaving theory, practice, and contemporary issues, Advanced Public and Community Health Nursing Practice, Second Edition, provides essential knowledge needed to successfully assess communities, diagnose community situations, plan programs and budgets, and evaluate programs in public and community health.

This revised edition has been thoroughly updated to encompass the evolution of public/community health nursing practice during the past 15 years. With several examples of community assessments, community health program plans, and evidence-based and best-practice interventions, the content in this publication addresses the core processes of advanced public/community health nursing practice. Chapters integrate new material about the physical environment and cover key changes in nursing education and practice and healthcare financing and delivery. This new edition includes additional content on culture and diversity, in-depth theory and conceptual frameworks, doctoral preparation, and policy.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Completely new information reflecting changes in nursing education and practice and healthcare financing and delivery
  • Abundant examples of community assessments and community health program plans
  • Evidence-based/best-practice interventions, programs, and services
  • Clinical/practicum activities to help learners apply content in varied settings
  • Suggested readings and references to support more in-depth study
  • Additional information about the physical environment, culture and diversity, doctoral preparation, and policy
  • Interprofessional/interdisciplinary practice
  • In-depth information regarding theories and conceptual frameworks
  • New references, examples, case studies, problems, and discussion questions

Key Features:

  • Provides comprehensive, in-depth information regarding community assessment, program planning, program implementation, evaluation, and program revision
  • Delivers timely knowledge about using evidence, practice standards, public health ethics, Healthy People 2020, and competent practice in varied settings
  • Includes realistic case studies of program and evaluation plans
  • Presents examples of programs and projects conducted by advanced practice public/community health nurses

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