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Data-Driven Quality Improvement and Sustainability in Health Care

An Interprofessional Approach

James Harris, Brian Collins, Patricia Thomas, et al.

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Data-Driven Quality Improvement and Sustainability in Health Care: An Interprofessional Approach provides nurse leaders and healthcare administrators of all disciplines with a solid understanding of data and how to leverage data to improve outcomes, fuel innovation, and achieve sustained results. It sets the stage by examining the current state of the healthcare landscape; new imperatives to meet policy, regulatory, and consumer demands; and the role of data in administrative and clinical decision-making. It helps the professional identify the methods and tools that support thoughtful and thorough data analysis and offers practical application of data-driven processes that determine performance in healthcare operations, value- and performance-based contracts, and risk contracts.

Misuse or inconsistent use of data leads to ineffective and errant decision-making. This text highlights common barriers and pitfalls related to data use and provide strategies for how to avoid these pitfalls. In addition, chapters feature key points, reflection questions, and real-life interprofessional case exemplars to help the professional draw distinctions and apply principles to their own practice.

Key Features:

  • Provides nurse leaders and other healthcare administrators with an understanding of the role of data in the current healthcare landscape and how to leverage data to drive innovative and sustainable change
  • Offers frameworks, methodology, and tools to support quality improvement measures
  • Demonstrates the application of data and how it shapes quality and safety initiatives through real-life case exemplars
  • Highlights common barriers and pitfalls related to data use and provide strategies for how to avoid these pitfalls

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