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Emergency Nurse Practitioner Core Curriculum

Theresa Campo (Hrsg.), Reneé Holleran (Hrsg.)

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The only book to deliver essential knowledge specific to the needs of ENPs

Edited by the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners, this authoritative resource encompasses the full scope of holistic, evidence-based practice across the lifespan and serves as a comprehensive certification review for emergency nurse practitioners (ENPs). The only book written specifically for this specialty practice, it delivers essential core knowledge for ENPs in all relevant programs and practice arenas.

The book's four editors, 57 authors, and 15 reviewers—all recognized leaders in the field—present the most current knowledge available in a clear and succinct format. Incorporating diversity and inclusion throughout, this resource contains all essential information needed for the provision of skilled care, including the history and development of ENP; fundamental clinical skills; management of medical emergencies, shock and trauma, and environmental emergencies; toxicology; emergency medical services and disaster preparedness; and the needs of special patient populations—all according to the most current evidence-based research and guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Edited and authored by the American Association of Emergency Nurse Practitioners
  • Provides succinct and pertinent details regarding patient management and care
  • Addresses complexity and the need for acuity in the ENP setting
  • Mirrors the AAENP Certification blueprint for use as a certification review guide
  • Each chapter consistently written to include learning objectives, medical screening/physical examination, diagnostic testing, medical decision making and differential diagnosis, management, and patient disposition.

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