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Healthcare Quality Management

A Case Study Approach

Zachary Pruitt, Eddie Perez-Ruberte, Candace Smith, et al.

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Healthcare Quality Management: A Case Study Approach is the first comprehensive case-based text combining essential quality management knowledge with real-world scenarios. With in-depth healthcare quality management case studies, tools, activities, and discussion questions, the text helps build the competencies needed to succeed in quality management.

Written in an easy-to-read style, Part One of the textbook introduces students to the fundamentals of quality management, including history, culture, and different quality management philosophies, such as Lean and Six Sigma. Part One additionally explains the A3 problem-solving template used to follow the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) or Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) cycles, that guides your completion of the problem-solving exercises found in Part Two. The bulk of the textbook includes realistic and engaging case studies featuring common quality management problems encountered in a variety of healthcare settings. The case studies feature engaging scenarios, descriptions, opinions, charts, and data, covering such contemporary topics as provider burnout, artificial intelligence, the opioid overdose epidemic, among many more.

Serving as a powerful replacement to more theory-based quality management textbooks, Healthcare Quality Management provides context to challenging situations encountered by any healthcare manager, including the health administrator, nurse, physician, social worker, or allied health professional.

  • 25 Realistic Case Studies–Explore challenging Process Improvement, Patient Experience, Patient Safety, and Performance Improvement quality management scenarios set in various healthcare settings
  • Diverse Author Team–Combines the expertise and knowledge of a health management educator, a Chief Nursing Officer at a large regional hospital, and a health system-based Certified Lean Expert
  • Podcasts–Listen to quality management experts share stories and secrets on how to succeed, work in teams, and apply tools to solve problems
  • Quality Management Tools–Grow your quality management skill set with 25 separate quality management tools and approaches tied to the real-world case studies
  • Competency-Based Education Support–Match case studies to professional competencies, such as analytical skills, community collaboration, and interpersonal relations, using case-to-competency crosswalks for health administration, nursing, medicine, and the interprofessional team
  • Comprehensive Instructor’s Packet–Includes PPTs, extensive Excel data files, an Instructor’s Manual with completed A3 problem-solving solutions for each Case Application Exercise, and more!
  • Student ancillaries–Includes data files and A3 template

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