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Successful Grant Writing

Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals

Kevin J. Lyons, Laura N. Gitlin, Ann Kolanowski, et al.

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Following in the tradition of its previous editions, the updated and fully revised fifth edition of this classic guide to grant writing is especially written for health and human service professionals. It provides a comprehensive, systematic, and easy-to-follow stepwise guide to writing competitive grant proposals for research, education, innovative practices, and demonstration projects. Never has the need to advance evidence to improve the health of the public been greater. Generating evidence requires funding, and grant writing has become an essential activity for every health and human service professional who must seek funds to advance innovative research, education, and practice initiatives.

Uniquely focused on developing grant-writing skills as part of a professional’s career, this one-of-a-kind guide addresses the full range of essential competencies needed to ensure success. The new edition expands coverage on how to compose an effective aims page, explains how to write a compelling literature review to support significance of a proposal, and describes considerations for specific types of study designs. Additionally, the guide provides a more extensive discussion of mentorship, plus tips for predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows.

  • Spotlights important new trends that can make or break grant success
  • Features Professional Spotlights reflecting the experiences and advice from successful grant writers – from novice to expert
  • Highlights special considerations for predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Examines how to write effective grant applications for specific types of study designs
  • Explains how to craft compelling statements about significance and innovation
  • Provides guidelines on mentorship
  • Covers ways to manage postaward activities and offers strategies and templates for documenting grant progress
  • Key summary points in every chapter
  • Case examples throughout
  • Strategies for managing a grant-writing team and postaward activities
  • Considerations in building a grant-writing career and matching your level of experience to funding mechanisms
  • Testimonies from novices and experts describing their unique grant-writing experiences

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