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Proposal Writing for Clinical Nursing and DNP Projects, Third Edition

Wanda Bonnel, Katharine Smith

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Update includes content to help students complete the DNP Project!

Now in its third edition, this bestselling text is a concise, step-by-step proposal writing guide that has helped thousands of students produce quality project proposals. For the first time, this new edition includes content to help students move beyond the proposal phase. Two new chapters will help students complete the DNP Project and create the final report.

The third edition is extensively revised with new information about ongoing clinical scholarship opportunities and an Instructor's Manual full of suggestions to engage students and help them progress through this demanding process. This edition continues the "Advice from DNP Students segment," along with new tips for getting started, introductory objectives and final summary points in each chapter to help students hone their skills.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Delivers two completely new chapters on Finalizing Your Proposal and Project:
    • Moving Your Project Proposal to Completed Project
    • Moving your Project to Written Final Report
  • Instructor's Manual that includes chapter objectives, overviews, questions and teaching tips to consider, and student activities, all designed to help the student progress.

Key Features:

  • Student checklists
  • Examples of successful Quality Improvement projects
  • Sample Proposal Abstracts
  • Unique Project Triangle to provide structure to student work
  • Interactive exercises to keep students engaged, including reflective questions, writing prompts, and self-assessments
  • Sample "student problems and resolutions" boxes to help students deal effectively with roadblocks
  • And much more!

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