The Gerontology Field Placement

Internships and Practicums in Aging

Phyllis A. Greenberg, Rona Karasik, Laura K.M. Donorfio, et al.

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


The first book to focus specifically on practical gerontology field experiences

This innovative text guides gerontology students step by step through the process of searching for, securing, and completing an aging-based internship, practicum, or field placement. It underscores the value of hands-on, community-based learning and provides a framework for identifying experiences that fit a student's academic requirements and professional objectives. The text describes the multitude of interdisciplinary and interprofessional career opportunities available for those working with or on behalf of older adults, ranging from traditional opportunities in health and human services to careers in leisure, business, housing, and finance.

The text not only draws attention to ageism's presence and inappropriateness, but also discusses ways to detect, avoid, and actively dismantle ageist beliefs and actions. Emphasizing that there is no such homogenous block as "the elderly," the book helps students to understand the varied experiences of aging. It addresses important nuances in working with older adults including the development of effective communication skills, awareness of diversity, and the development of cultural competencies. Real-life scenarios and activities throughout are designed to enhance content and support students' professional and personal growth. Readers are also introduced to the interprofessional aging service system, delineating ways to navigate the complex network of policies, programs, and personnel, along with a discussion of the unique roles, responsibilities, and perspectives in these settings. Practical information for transitioning from student to professional includes tips on job search, resumé preparation, and networking.

Key Features:

  • Addresses the interdisciplinary nature of gerontology practice throughout health and human services
  • Focuses on ageism among professionals in health and human services and how to detect, avoid, and eliminate it
  • Explores significant nuances in working with older adults including effective communication and awareness of diversity and cultural competency
  • Covers understanding and supporting older individuals with physical and/or cognitive impairments
  • Includes an extensive glossary to better navigate interprofessional communication
  • Each chapter incorporates real life scenarios, learning objectives, professional development activities, savvy professional tips, pitfalls to avoid, and discussion questions
  • Instructors have access to the Instructor's Manual and chapter PowerPoints to facilitate teaching.