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Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Fourth Edition

From Evidence to Practice

Marcia Pencak Murphy (Hrsg.), Beth A. Staffileno (Hrsg.), Susan Buchholz (Hrsg.)

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Focused specifically on the APRN role in implementing evidence-based practice in the clinical environment

The fourth edition of this award-winning text—written specifically for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and students devoted to scholarly investigation—describes essential ways to implement Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and quality improvement skills into practical application. Step-by-step instructions walk the reader through the process of finding relevant evidence, appraising it, translating it into practice to improve patient care and outcomes, and disseminating it. This text delivers expert guidance on designing questionnaires and data-collection forms, and on analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. The authors also offer guidelines for evaluating research articles and a variety of EBP activities and protocols demonstrating how to integrate EBP into multiple clinical settings relevant to all APRN practice domains.

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • New chapter on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) includes information on models, processes, and tools
  • New chapter filled with examples of APRN-led initiatives showcasing improved processes and health outcomes resulting from EBP and quality improvement (QI) projects
  • Expanded literature reviews including integrative and other types of literature reviews beyond systematic review
  • Increased focus on Doctor of Nursing (DNP) competencies and QI

Key Features:

  • Helpful in achieving hospital Magnet® status
  • Integrates EBP concepts related to patient care
  • Examples highlight application of evidence into practice
  • Describes strategies for establishing and sustaining an organizational evidence-based practice
  • Discusses issues of costs and ethics from EBP perspective
  • Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers

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