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The Rebel Nurse Handbook

Inspirational Stories by Shift Disruptors

Mary Lou Ackerman (Hrsg.), Beth Toner (Hrsg.), Faith Lawlor (Hrsg.), Rebecca Love (Hrsg.), Nancy Hanrahan (Hrsg.), Amy Rose Taylor (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Winner of an AJN Book of the Year Award of 2020!

“As you will read the stories ahead of the incredible, rock star Rebel Nurses who each have challenged the status quo and chosen the road less traveled, remember that each journey has its own period of self-doubt, fear of failure, and uncertainty of success—but they persevered. We hope that these stories will inspire you to believe in yourself and aim a little higher each day.”



National Director, U.S. Provider Industry and Chief Nursing Officer


U.S. Health and Life Sciences

This compilation of stories from more than 40 diverse nurse leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs portrays the winding and demanding paths that every nurse has braved in order to improve themselves, their patients’ care, and the healthcare of today. These Rebel Nurses push the boundaries of their profession by demanding a seat at the table of healthcare innovation, lobbying on Capitol Hill, expanding their horizons to fix the broken healthcare systems around the world, and valuing the humanity of the inevitable moments of life’s end.

The inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship of these nurse leaders range from the incorporation of informatics or design communities and the implementation of artificial intelligence, to the creation of New York’s Silicon Valley or nationwide adolescent programs that focus on school shootings—consistently disrupting the status quo through implementing life-changing procedures and policies. Readers will be inspired to transform today’s era of healthcare by improving communities, implementing proactive care, and enhancing the environment of health and healing through research and policy application.

    Key Features
  • Develop a personalized plan for success by using the Motivational Introductions, Rebel Nurse’s Progress Notes, Thought-Provoking Questions, and Online Resources
  • Helps nurses at all career levels embrace and develop leadership potential to effect change in healthcare
  • Appendix includes a list of dynamic resources authored by SONSIEL members for further insight and professional development

SONSIEL is recognized as an Associate Member of The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO) to the United Nations

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