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Fast Facts for the ER Nurse, Fourth Edition

Guide to a Successful Emergency Department Orientation

Jennifer Buettner

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This bestselling resource has successfully prepared thousands of ER nurses to provide safe, effective, and high-quality care to their patients. This new edition is updated with guidelines from the American Heart Association, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, American Stroke Association, Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course, and Trauma Nurse Core Course. This guide presents the most current information on medications, street drugs, the opioid crisis, and intraosseous access. Chapters are replete with new case studies, updated photos, and time-tested tips.

This Fast Facts guide is written in bullet-point format and is alphabetically organized by disease and disorder within each body system to emphasize easy access and at-a-glance viewing. All chapters list relevant materials, equipment and drugs; and each diagnosis includes its definition, causes, signs and symptoms, and interventions. Helpful appendices display common abbreviations and lab values, EKG rhythms, frequently used medications, and updated alphabetized skills checklists for self-examination.

New to the Fourth Edition:

  • New content on administering Alteplase, coronaviruses, decompression sickness, high altitude illness, human trafficking, influenza, lightning injuries, osteomyelitis, parasitic and insect infestations, post-birth warning signs, post-cardiac arrest care, rhabdomyolysis, status asthmaticus, and triage legal issues.
  • Updates on infectious disease emergencies, disaster response emergencies, environmental emergencies, and OB/GYN emergencies
  • New information on fluid and electrolyte imbalance
  • Shock and Multisystem Trauma divided into two expanded chapters
  • Updated with useful tricks of the trade and 'survival tips'
  • New knowledge on street drugs including vaping, concentrated marijuana, and the opioid crisis

Key Features:

  • Educates new ER nurses and their preceptors on the most common injuries and illnesses they will encounter
  • Comes in handy pocket size for reference on the go
  • Provides easy referral to equipment, medications, procedures, and specialty care
  • Delivers hands-on teaching strategies for instructors

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