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Rapid Access Guide for Pediatric Emergencies

Providing Expert Nursing Care

Deb Jeffries, Lynn Sayre Visser

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Delineates essential pediatric knowledge and skills that will greatly enhance nursing orientation and ongoing education

This pocket-sized resource for nurses confronting pediatric emergencies provides immediate access to vital, life-saving information. Ideal for a variety of settings, this guide distills the wisdom of expert pediatric emergency clinicians who provide a wealth of critical information from basic foundational knowledge through red flag presentations and triage.

After describing how to best incorporate the guide into practice, the book conveys important contextual information about pediatric developmental stages, anatomy and physiology, and how to communicate effectively with patients and caregivers. This essential resource provides comprehensive triage content; a combination of concept-based learning, disease pathology, and recognition according to body system; and psychosocial considerations. Additionally, behavioral health issues, congenital cardiac anomalies, and children with unique needs, along with assessments, interventions, critical medications, and selected components of resuscitation are covered.

This text provides emergency, urgent care, clinic, school nurses and others, both experienced and inexperienced, with a pocket reference when caring for the pediatric patient. A quick-reference section highlights emergency pediatric procedures and medication administration for at-a-glance information. Chapters contain space for taking notes, inscribing important phone numbers, or pasting facility-specific policies and procedures.

Key Features:

  • Concise, pocket-sized, immediate-access format
  • Useful for emergency, urgent care, clinic, school, detention center, summer camp settings, and others
  • Utilizes a systematic evidence-based approach for the triage, assessment, and identification of appropriate interventions for a variety of clinical presentations
  • Describes nursing pearls and critical concepts of pediatric emergency care
  • Addresses typical vs. atypical patient presentations
  • Provides step-by-step information for pediatric procedures
  • Addresses anatomic and physiologic age-specific considerations applicable to each disease pathology or injury
  • Icons are used throughout the book to quickly direct the user to specific content areas
  • Contains blank note pages for customization

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