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Teaching in Nursing and Role of the Educator, Third Edition

The Complete Guide to Best Practice in Teaching, Evaluation, and Curriculum Development

Jennie C. De Gagne (Hrsg.), Beth Cusatis Phillips (Hrsg.), Marilyn H. Oermann (Hrsg.)

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All the information you need in one textbook!

This all-inclusive text for Nurse Educators delivers comprehensive, evidence-based guidance on the essential components of teaching, including learning theories, teaching methods, new technologies for teaching, curriculum development, evaluation and testing, and accreditation. The text delivers the full scope of knowledge necessary for novice and experienced faculty to become competent teachers in nursing.

This third edition features new content on the transition from clinician to educator. There is also a new chapter on nursing professional development and teaching in clinical settings and updated teaching strategies for active learning, clinical judgment, and online teaching. The text is designed to help educators prepare for the certification exams.

The text also addresses varied learning styles and how to accommodate them, new developments in simulation, standardized patients, OSCEs, clinical teaching, interprofessional education, and evidence-based teaching.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Chapter on the transition from clinician to educator, plus expanded content throughout on becoming a nurse educator
  • Addresses inclusivity and developing an inclusive learning environment for people with different learning styles
  • Strategies to promote active learning, clinical judgment, and higher level learning, and teaching online
  • Updated content on simulations, the use of standardized patients, OSCEs, clinical teaching, and clinical evaluation
  • Chapter on accreditation of nursing programs and developing a systematic program evaluation plan
  • Chapter on nursing professional development and teaching in a clinical setting

Key Features:

  • Written by experts who seamlessly integrate evidence-based research and practical strategies
  • Serves as a thorough study guide for nurse educator certification exams
  • Covers practical teaching strategies, simulation, online education, technology, interprofessional education, clinical teaching and evaluation, and test construction
  • Includes case examples and other examples to support content and “how-to” tips
  • Includes a high quality online course ready for an instructor’s use: sample syllabus, PowerPoints, and a complete 20-module online course

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