Gynecologic Oncology Handbook

An Evidence-Based Clinical Guide

Michelle Benoit, M. Yvette Williams-Brown, Creighton Edwards, et al.

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Known as the “blue book”, the Gynecologic Oncology Handbook: An Evidence-Based Clinical Guide is an invaluable resource for fellows, residents, and clinicians in the diagnosis and management of gynecologic cancers. Retaining the format and features that have made it a leading practical reference, this new edition has been thoroughly updated and reflects the latest advances in surgical techniques, chemotherapy protocols, breakthroughs in immunotherapies and targeted therapies, and much more.

The handbook covers the full scope of disease management in a concise and accessible format. Its compact size allows it to be easily taken with the busy practitioner on the ward or in the clinic. Clear illustrations that reinforce key concepts and essential algorithms for diagnostic techniques help clinicians to a quick and accurate diagnosis. Evidence-based practices for managing gynecologic cancers are emphasized throughout the handbook including for surgical care, and for all adjuvant therapies including chemotherapy, biologics, targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and combination radiation therapy. Detailed sections on survivorship care, palliative care, and management of reproductive function and other comorbid medical conditions round out the book’s comprehensive scope.

Its extensive coverage of current breakthroughs in treatment, references to critical clinical studies, and breakdown of directed gynecologic cancer workups and treatments make the Gynecologic Oncology Handbook, 3rd Edition a go-to resource within the field—including in preparation for the gynecologic oncology subspecialty certification oral board exam.

Key Features:

  • Covers all fundamentals of gynecologic oncology including workup, AJCC and FIGO staging, surgical management, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy treatment, comorbidity diagnosis and management, and background study data
  • Contains insight into recently approved immunotherapies for recurrent advanced and metastatic cervical and uterine disease
  • Provides Gynecologic Oncology Referral Parameters, Performance Status Scales, Adverse Event Grading, RECIST evaluation criteria, chemotherapy protocols, statistics, and other useful formulas
  • Includes clinical study references, medical comorbidity algorithms, directed workups, and treatment guidelines

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