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Handbook of Geropsychiatry for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Mental Health Care for the Older Adult

Leigh Powers

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Offers a wealth of information and insight geared specifically for APRNs providing holistic mental health care to older adults

Addressing the most commonly-encountered mental health disorders, this practical, evidence-based resource for advanced practice nurses, nurse educators, and graduate nursing students delivers the knowledge and tools needed to effectively assess, examine, diagnose, treat, and promote optimal mental health in the geriatric patient. Written by recognized experts in the field of geropsychiatry, this handbook encompasses updated DSM-5 diagnoses and criteria, psychopharmacology, the psychiatric exam, and systems-level approaches to care. It also considers the relationships of the geriatric patient to family, community, and health care providers as they contribute to successful treatment.

This handbook examines the biological changes associated with aging and addresses common mental health disorders of older adults. It presents clear clinical guidelines and demonstrates the use of relevant clinical tools and scales with illustrative examples. Additionally, the text delves into cultural differences that impact treatment and addresses the distinct needs of patients during a pandemic such as COVID-19.

Key Features:

  • Written specifically for APNs and students who work in the geropsychiatry field
  • Presents evidence-based content within a holistic nursing framework
  • Links psychopharmacological content with psychotherapy
  • Describes cultural considerations in assessment and treatment during a pandemic such as COVID-19—in assessment and treatment
  • Delivers key information on interprofessional approaches to patient care
  • Includes Case studies with discussion questions
  • Interprofessional Boxes contain key information on partnerships that can enhance care
  • Evidence-Based Practice Boxes focus on proven strategies and resources

Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

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