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Communication and Care Coordination for the Palliative Care Team

A Handbook for Building and Maintaining Optimal Teams

Leah Omilion-Hodges, Rebecca Imes, Jennifer Hester, et al.

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A focus on intentional communication, team building, and relational maintenance

This text is designed to help form and maintain palliative care teams that survive and thrive. Whether you are starting a new team or hoping to help an existing team, this text addresses aspects of team players, leadership, meetings, organizational culture, and self- and team-care through a combination of empirical data and real voices from healthcare professionals in palliative care practice. By focusing on the individual professional in relation to team health and success, this text shows how to develop high-quality, high-performing palliative care teams.

Perfect for students and working professionals, this text is useful at any time in your career or your team’s development. It explores the types of providers involved in palliative care, their roles, possible conflicts, and the opportunity to amplify their work as a team while overcoming the stigma that may be attached to palliative care. This book focuses on the foundational role of communication in leadership, team building, and the delivery of patient care. Designed to provide workable solutions to challenges such as poor team design, siloing, and faulty communication, it provides suggestions that can be implemented immediately by your palliative care team. This focus allows healthcare professionals who are passionate about palliative care to grow into high-functioning teams with a focus on excellent patient care.

    Key Features:
  • Satisfactory and unsatisfactory palliative care experiences
  • Stories from nurses, social workers, chaplains, physicians, pharmacists, executives, patients, and families
  • Pearls From the Field: Provider and team takeaways
  • Best practices of team leaders
  • Tips for individuals and palliative care teams to communicate with other providers, departments, and senior leadership
  • Discussions on how to improve short-term and long-term functionality
  • Outlines to use as predictors of burnout for palliative care professionals and teams
  • Self-care and team-care suggestions
  • A combination of recent research and theory in an accessible writing style
  • Includes podcasts, videos, and case study and self-care plan supplements

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