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Hale’s Medications & Mothers’ Milk 2023

A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology

Thomas W. Hale, Kaytlin Krutsch

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The worldwide gold standard for lactation support professionals

Developed by world leaders in lactational pharmacology, this essential reference contains the most current, complete, and evidence-based information available on the transmission of maternal drugs into human milk. It thoroughly addresses one of the most commonly asked questions by breastfeeding mothers—which drugs are safe, and which are hazardous for the infant? The new twentieth edition adds 72 new drugs, updates 356 medications with new data, and adds new information to 927 drugs.

The resource relies upon the most current evidence-based studies to evaluate the relative risk of commonly used drugs including Dr. Hale's highly renowned Lactation Risk Categories (LRC). Considered indispensable by hundreds of clinicians worldwide, the book lists safe alternatives for drugs one is currently taking or might need to take in the future. For ease of access to information, it includes key points and savvy tips in information boxes, common abbreviations, illustrative diagrams, concise information on evaluating the infant, and more.

New to the 2023 Edition:

  • 72 new drugs
  • 356 medications updated with new data
  • 3 drugs with FDA updates
  • 927 medications updated with new information
  • 74 existing drugs with updated LRC
  • NEW TABLES on monoclonal antibodies and migraines
  • New information on Cannabis.

Key Features:

  • Delivers current, evidence-based information on over 1300 drugs, diseases, vaccines, syndromes
  • Incorporates recent updates to Dr. Hale's world-renowned LRC
  • Includes key points and savvy tips about breastfeeding and medications for quick reference
  • Lists common abbreviations and drugs in easily-accessible alphabetical order
  • Discusses adult concerns, adult dose, pediatric concerns, infant monitoring, and alternatives
  • Includes succinct information on evaluation of the infant

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