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The Counselor Educator's Guide

Practical In-Class Strategies and Activities

Julius Austin, Jude Austin

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A practical roadmap for teaching graduate counseling courses from start to finish

Written for the soon-to-be, newer, or adjunct counselor educator, this is an accessible, practical guide to preparing and teaching a graduate counseling course from start to finish. Authored by skilled counselor educators who found themselves woefully unprepared to teach upon obtaining their first faculty positions, the book proffers their hard-earned wisdom to help new faculty confidently take over the role of instructor. The hands-on guide provides convenient overviews of each course and day-to-day, content-specific strategies for designing and teaching integral course content that is culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate.

Offering diverse strategies and activities, the book addresses how to teach courses in CACREP-accredited programs and covers such topics as identifying theoretical orientation; diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning; developing therapeutic presence; group leadership; genograms; diversity; basic counseling skills; school shootings; suicide; White privilege; and much more. It addresses course objectives, evaluation of student learning, current research, classroom management, use of technology, do’s and don’ts, and advising students. Discussion points and merits of activities are informed by the concept of andragogy, a theory specifically for adult learning. Multicultural and social considerations are woven throughout each chapter. Activities and assignments were developed with feedback from students.

  • Provides a practical roadmap for preparing and teaching a graduate counseling course from start to finish
  • Delivers in-depth practical information on how to teach new material and conduct day-to-day lectures
  • Discusses content-specific teaching strategies and advice
  • Guides new faculty members in understanding how all of the courses in the curriculum influence each other
  • Includes multicultural and social considerations in each chapter
  • Informed by the concept of andragogy, a theory specifically for adult learning

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