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Disability Studies for Human Services

An Interdisciplinary and Intersectionality Approach

Chris Flaherty (Hrsg.), Debra Harley (Hrsg.)

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Delivers knowledge critical to understanding the multidimensional aspects of working with varied populations with disabilities

This is the only introduction to disability book with an interdisciplinary perspective that offers cross-disability and intersectionality coverage, as well as a special emphasis on many unique populations. Comprehensive and reader-friendly, it provides current, evidence-based knowledge on the key principles and practice of disability, while addressing advocacy, the disability rights movement, disability legislation, public policy, and law. Focusing on significant trends, the book provides coverage on persistent and emerging avenues in disability studies that are anticipated to impact a growing proportion of individuals in need of disability services. Woven throughout is an emphasis on psychosocial adaptation to disability supported by case studies and field-based experiential exercises.

The text addresses the roles and functions of disability service providers. It also examines ethics in service delivery, credentialing, career paths, cultural competency, poverty, infectious diseases, and family and lifespan perspectives. Reinforcing the need for an interdisciplinary stance, each chapter discusses how varied disciplines work together to provide services addressing the whole person. Active learning is promoted through discussion boxes, self-check questions, and learning exercises. Faculty support includes PowerPoints, model syllabi, test bank, and instructor manual. Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

Key Features:

  • Provides readers with key knowledge and skills needed to effectively practice in multidisciplinary settings
  • Offers interdisciplinary perspectives on conceptualization, assessment, and intervention across a broad range of disabilities and client populations
  • Underscores the intersectionality of disability to correspond with trends in education focusing on social justice and underrepresented populations
  • Includes research and discussion boxes citing current research activities and excerpts from noted experts in various human service disciplines
  • Promotes active learning with discussion boxes, multiple-choice questions, case studies with discussion questions, and field-based experiential exercises
  • Includes instructor manual, sample syllabi, PowerPoint slides, and test bank
  • Identifies key references at the end of chapters and provides resources for additional information
  • Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

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