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Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review, Fourth Edition

Maria Codina Leik

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If you are studying for the family nurse practitioner certification exam, the highly acclaimed Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review is a must-have resource. Lauded for its concise, well-organized format, this fourth edition has been significantly revised and updated to feature key information about the new AANPCB and ANCC certification exams, all new end-of-chapter review questions, and new full-color images. The fourth edition also features four practice tests with hundreds of new questions and rationales—800 questions in total. Extensive test-taking techniques and question dissection and analysis chapters help you identify the best clues during the problem-solving process so that you can strategically master the certification exam.

Designed to help FNP candidates boost their confidence through intensive review and high-quality questions, the fourth edition continues to provide succinct, precisely targeted “need-to-know” details of diseases and classic presentations you can expect to see in practice in patients across the life span. Organized by body system, chapters are consistently formatted to include Danger Signals, Normal Findings, Lab Findings, Benign Variants, and Disease Review topics. Each chapter features valuable Exam Tips and Clinical Pearls that highlight key considerations and information likely to be encountered on the exam, ideal for a last-minute refresher before test day. Ensure success by making this essential resource—praised by thousands for helping them pass their certification—a key part of your exam prep study regimen.

Key Features:

  • Includes updated information reflecting the new AANPCB and ANCC certification exams
  • Introduces new end-of-chapter review questions to help you assess knowledge application and retention
  • Features four practice tests with hundreds of new questions and rationales
  • Provides a succinct and highly targeted review of diseases commonly seen in primary care, updated clinical information, all new color photos, and Exam Tips and Clinical Pearls to highlight key exam content
  • Outlines Danger Signals, Normal Findings, Lab Findings, and Benign Variants in physical assessment of each body system
  • Delineates strategic question-dissection techniques to simplify the problem-solving process
  • Offers an intensive pharmacology review and review of professional issues—ethical guidelines, professional roles, reimbursement, research, evidence-based medicine and epidemiology, and cultural considerations

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