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Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing

Kathleen Gaberson, Marilyn H. Oermann

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Now in its sixth edition, this highly acclaimed core text for nurse educators continues to be the only resource to address clinical teaching in all settings. Delivering comprehensive and detailed information on planning, guiding, and evaluating learning activities for prelicensure and graduate nursing students, the sixth edition is distinguished by its focus on clinical teaching in a wide range of settings including teaching in online environments. The book prepares graduate students, preceptors, adjunct faculty members, and clinicians for their role as clinical nurse educators. Integrating theory and practical content, the text is updated with current information relevant to the future of nursing, student and faculty diversity, how to teach clinical reasoning and judgment to nursing students, models of clinical education in different teaching environments, innovative technologies, and clinical evaluation.

Each chapter offers information related to preparing for the CNEcl and CNE exams and practical exhibits illustrating teaching methods and guidelines for clinical teaching and evaluation. Content is further enhanced by high-quality instructor resources, including a course syllabus, a complete online course, and chapter-based PowerPoint presentations. Readers will be rewarded with clinical teaching strategies that are effective and practical in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • NEW chapter: Teaching and Evaluating Student Learning in Online Nursing Programs
  • Changes in online teaching resulting from the coronavirus pandemic
  • Teaching clinical reasoning and judgment to undergraduate students
  • New information for preceptors, adjunct faculty members, and clinicians transitioning to a clinical teaching role
  • Models of clinical education updated to reflect different teaching environments
  • Expansion of virtual simulation content
  • New technology including simulated EHR, telepresence, telehealth, and other tech approaches
  • Models of clinical education in different teaching environments
  • Content related to CNEcl and CNE exams in each chapter

Key Features:

  • Serves as a gold-standard reference for clinical nurse educators teaching at all levels
  • Emphasizes the importance of cognitive, psychomotor, and affective outcomes that guide clinical teaching and evaluation
  • Provides examples of clinical learning opportunities in specialized settings
  • Offers scholarly, in-depth discussion of current trends and issues in clinical education
  • Includes practical exhibits illustrating clinical teaching methods
  • Instructor resources include a course syllabus, a complete online course, and PowerPoint slides

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