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Clinician's Guide to LGBTQIA+ Care

Cultural Safety and Social Justice in Primary, Sexual, and Reproductive Healthcare

Randi Singer (Hrsg.), Linda Wesp (Hrsg.), Ronica Mukerjee (Hrsg.)

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Strive for health equity and surmount institutional oppression when treating marginalized populations with this distinct resource!

This unique text provides a framework for delivering culturally safe clinical care to LGBTQIA+ populations filtered through the lens of racial, economic, and reproductive justice. It focuses strongly on the social context in which we live, one where multiple historical processes of oppression continue to manifest as injustices in the health care setting and beyond. Encompassing the shared experiences of a diverse group of expert health care practitioners, this book offers abundant examples, case studies, recommendations, and the most up-to-date guidelines available for treating LGBTQIA+ patient populations.

Rich in clinical scenarios that describe best practices for safely treating patients, this text features varied healthcare frameworks encompassing patient-centered and community-centered care that considers the intersecting and ongoing processes of oppression that impact LGBTQIA+ people every day--particularly people of color. This text helps health providers incorporate safe and culturally appropriate language into their care, understand the roots and impact of stigma, address issues of health disparities, and recognize and avoid racial or LGBTQIA+ microaggressions. Specific approaches to care include chapters on sexual health care, perinatal care, and information about pregnancy and postpartum care for transgender and gender-expansive people.

Key Features:

  • Emphasizes patient-centered care incorporating an understanding of patient histories, safety needs, and power imbalances
  • Provides tools for clinician self-reflection to understand and alleviate implicit bias
  • Fosters culturally safe language and communication skills
  • Presents abundant patient scenarios including specific dos and don'ts in patient treatment
  • Includes concrete objectives, conclusions, terminology, and references in each chapter and discussion questions to promote critical thought
  • Offers charts and information boxes to illuminate key information

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