CNM and WHNP Certification Review

Comprehensive Review, PLUS 400 Questions Based on the Latest Exam Blueprint

Kimberly Garcia

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CNM and WHNP Certification Review is designed to help you prepare for both the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) CNM/CM exam and the National Certification Corporation (NCC) WHNP-BC® exam. This comprehensive resource begins with test-taking strategies and tips on how to manage test anxiety. Chapters are organized according to the exam blueprints and present the information in a clear, concise format. Charts and diagrams are featured to consolidate and illustrate key points and key pharmacology information is highlighted. Each chapter encompasses all the essential knowledge required to pass both exams and includes end-of-chapter questions to assess knowledge retention. The review concludes with two full-length practice tests, one for each certification. With 400 practice questions, detailed review content and answer rationales, this resource gives you the tools to study your way and the confidence to pass the first time, guaranteed!

Key Features

  • Reflects the latest AMCB and NCC exam blueprints
  • Provides a comprehensive yet concise review of essential knowledge for the exam
  • Covers essential pharmacology content and key medications
  • Uses icons to clearly indicate which topics are covered on which exam
  • Includes end-of-chapter Q&A and two full practice tests with detailed rationales
  • Boosts your confidence with a 100% pass guarantee

    For 70 years, it has been our greatest privilege to prepare busy nurses like you for professional certification and career success. Congratulations on qualifying to sit for the exam. Now let's get you ready to pass!

    WHNP-BC® is a registered service mark of the National Certification Corporation. Neither AMCB nor NCC sponsor or endorse this resource, nor do they have a proprietary relationship with Springer Publishing.



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