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Empowering and Healing the Battered Woman

A Model for Assessment and Intervention

Mary Ann Dutton

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The book spells out in practical, concrete terms what it really means to place the pathology outside the battered woman. The novelty in this approach lies in the implications for practice: battered women are not ìsickî ñ they are in a ìsickî situation.

ìÖPractical and comprehensive, an excellent guide for clinicians and other intervenersÖ. Mary Ann Duttonís book, Empowering and Healing the Battered Woman, integrates psychological theory with detailed information on the real-life dimensions of abused womenís posttraumatic responses and the strategies for assessment that form a part of each chapter are particularly valuableÖ. Duttonís approach of understanding womenís experiences of violence in context and of empowering abused women will also serve to empower ñ and free ñ those providing services to women victims of partner violence.î
- Angela Browne, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Author, When Battered Women Kill)

ìDrawing upon her vast clinical, academic, and forensic background, Mary Ann Dutton shows us that women experience abuse in many different ways and employ a wide range of techniques to survive the abuse. She then offers numerous suggestions for working with battered women, all predicted on ethical, feminist principles. Although geared toward clinicians, this book is a great resource for battered womenís advocate, law enforcement officials, and attorneys ñ for anyone who comes into contact with battered women.î
- Sue Osthoff, Director, National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women

ìFinally, a book on battered women that shelter workers can recommend to traditionally trained therapists. Dutton provides a conceptual framework for understanding the differing needs of battered women: support, advocacy, and healing. Not all battered women are the same. Dutton details both the assessment processes and therapeutic approaches that acknowledge those differences.î
- Anne L. Ganley, PhD, Domestic Violence Program, Seattle V.A. Medical Center