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Applied Social Research

A Tool for the Human Services, Tenth Edition

Thomas J. Sullivan, Peter R. Fawson, Cornell R. DeJong, et al.

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Praise for earlier editions:

“I have been using this textbook as a required reading for my research class since 2004 because I found the text’s coverage of research concepts to be in-depth, and easy to read without the technicalities.”

- Ziblim Abukari, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Westfield State University

“Applied Social Research… is thorough, well organized, and clear, making it highly appreciated by my students.”

-Barry Loneck, PhD, School of Social Welfare, SUNY Albany

The tenth edition of this classic text demonstrates how research skills are developed and used to facilitate best social work practices and improve client outcomes. New to this edition are additional examples and practitioner profiles demonstrating research-based practice, problem-solving extended vignettes, and broad inclusion of the 2015 CSWE competencies. The tenth edition also delivers directives for incorporating evidence-based practices into daily practice. Additional highlights include greater emphasis on conducting practice-informed research with minority and other disadvantaged populations.

This engaging text for MSW and BSW students helps readers develop logic-based research skills that prepare them to be scientific practitioners who can use research-informed practice to improve clients’ lives. Emphasized throughout is the application of research methods in assessing and monitoring client functioning and outcomes. Additional features include robust instructor resources. The print version of the book includes free, searchable, digital access to the entire contents!

New to the Tenth Edition:

  • Practitioner Profiles recounting interviews with actual practitioners
  • Evaluating Competency boxes highlighting the connections between text concepts and CSWE competencies
  • Emphasis on conducting research with disadvantaged populations
  • Enhanced instructor resources including updated test bank with multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions, and PowerPoints

Key Features:

  • Demonstrates the crucial connection between research and practice to improve client outcomes
  • Develops critical thinking and logic-based research skills
  • Helps students to measure and monitor client functions and outcomes and critically evaluate practices, programs, and services
  • Emphasizes scaling measures to assess client functioning
  • Includes unique chapter on preparing and presenting data

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