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Field Guide to Telehealth and Telemedicine for Nurse Practitioners and Other Healthcare Providers

Craig Sorkin

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Delivers key insights on the nuts and bolts of starting a telehealth practice or incorporating it into an existing one

This timely reference guide for beginning and aspiring telemedical and telehealth NPs and other healthcare providers is the first to consolidate essential information on these practices into one convenient resource. Written by an NP who implemented a telemedicine program inside of a large practice from the ground up during COVID-19, this guide delivers vital insights into how to establish and maintain a telehealth practice that effectively supports patients and is fiscally successful.

Field Guide to Telehealth and Telemedicine outlines step-by-step how to set up and manage a telemedical practice or incorporate it into an existing one. Chapters include information on workflows, staffing, formats and limitations, online etiquette for an optimal patient experience, legal and safety issues, and essential techniques for assessment and remote care. Numerous tables help identify state-specific limitations and clarify the ins-and-outs of billing and reimbursement for remote visits. Additionally, a section specifically devoted to COVID-19 outlines key considerations regarding care of these patients. Of special interest is the author’s compelling story of building his digital health care practice amid Covid-19. Yearly digital updates are included with the book’s purchase to keep readers apprised of rapid changes in the field.

Key Features:

  • Includes all the essentials NPs need to launch their digital healthcare practice or align their current digital health approach with best telehealth practice.
  • Provides yearly digital updates to readers via Connect to keep telehealth considerations current.
  • Presents a case study of a real-life issues and solutions in setting up and running a digital healthcare practice.
  • Compiles and simplifies hard-to-find information related to common legal and reimbursement issues.
  • Includes the author's experience ramping up his digital healthcare practice in the midst of COVID-19.

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