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Emotional Intelligence in Nursing

Essentials for Leadership and Practice Improvement

Estelle Codier

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The first book on emotional intelligence (EI) written for nurses, this comprehensive resource delivers both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to improve patient outcomes. Authored by one of the foremost experts in EI and nursing, the text discusses the foundations of EI and shows how EI skills can and should be applied to any practice setting in nursing. Using core concepts of EI and evidence-based research, this publication discusses the implications of EI on key nursing challenges such as burnout, patient safety, staff retention, conflict management, ethical decision-making, quality and safety, and wellness.

Emotional Intelligence in Nursing addresses the application of EI skills in various arenas of clinical practice and in advanced practice nursing roles. Each chapter contains one or two case studies featuring a nurse or care team at a crossroads event. Sometimes the clinicians in the case studies use EI skills; sometimes they do not. The case study is then analyzed through the lens of the four basic EI abilities, highlighting key practical takeaways for the reader to absorb and incorporate into their own practice to provide better care for themselves, their care team, and their patients.

Key Features:

  • Demonstrates how the implementation of EI results in superior patient outcomes
  • Provides a foundation in EI concepts and demonstrates its application in a variety of nursing practice settings
  • Discusses implications of EI for teaching, burnout/thriving, staff retention, conflict management, and ethical considerations
  • Presents real-life scenarios through case studies
  • Address the needs of all nurses, from students to educators, from new nurses to nurse executives

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