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Fast Facts Workbook for Cardiac Dysrhythmias and 12-Lead EKGs

Paul Desmarais

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


This workbook presents a multitude of practice examples to help critical care students and practitioners grasp and excel at key concepts of 12-lead EKG and dysrhythmia interpretation. Designed to supplement any established dysrhythmia textbook, this straightforward resource is ideal for new graduates and nurses who are considering a switch to critical or acute care. This book distills complexities of the 12-lead to determine whether a patient is safe or at risk.

Fast Facts Workbook for Cardiac Dysrhythmias and 12-Lead EKGs delivers instruction on all foundational aspects of EKG interpretation. It contains numerous practice examples with instant feedback to provide nursing students with much-needed reinforcement of this often-challenging content. Feedback includes a detailed discussion of the “why” behind the diagnosis and treatment often missed by students and beginning clinicians.

The book begins with a section on general rules and procedures. Part I progresses into atrial rhythms, junctional rhythms, AV blocks, ventricular rhythms, pacemakers, and 12-lead EKG, including valuable practice exercises with abundant rhythm strips in each chapter. Part II provides answers to all the practice examples, including correct interpretation, treatment, and discussion.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a handy practice workbook on EKG interpretation for new and experienced critical and acute care nurses and students in these specialty areas.
  • Organized to present information from simple to complex
  • Includes numerous practice strips and exemplars with detailed information on correct interpretation, treatment, and discussion
  • Feedback on exemplars promotes critical thinking and clinical understanding.
  • Can be used effectively with all current EKG instructional resources to provide much-needed practice examples
  • Features over 80 practice strips

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