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The Social Work Field Placement

A Competency-Based Approach

John Poulin, Selina Matis, Heather Witt, et al.

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This unique core text helps BSW and MSW students structure their field placement learning around the nine CSWE professional social work competencies. Empowering students to go beyond merely completing tasks, the book facilitates mastery and integration of these competencies by elucidating key concepts and applying them to realistic competency-based case scenarios. Each user-friendly chapter—directly linked to a particular competency—promotes thought-provoking reflection about field work with critical thinking questions, a detailed case example, and an online competency reflection log template. These tools reinforce learning by connecting competencies directly to students’ internship experiences.

Cases are structured to serve as models when students prepare their own cases and include a review of the competency; detailed practice settings; socioeconomic and context factors at micro, macro, and mezzo levels; a problem overview; an assessment of client strengths and weaknesses; and a closing summary. Additional learning aids include chapter opening vignettes and objectives, plus chapter summaries. Web and video links offer students a wealth of supplemental resources, and a robust instructors package provides teachers with PowerPoints, written competency assignments with grading rubrics, and discussion exercises. The print version includes free, searchable, digital access to entire contents of the book.

Key Features:

  • Integrates field placement experiences with the nine CSWE 2015 competencies
  • Promotes thought-provoking reflection about fieldwork with detailed case studies and challenging learning tools
  • Includes discussions of ethical dilemmas, technology, and social media to reflect growing use and the challenges associated
  • Includes online instructors’ resources including, PowerPoints, written competency assignments with grading rubrics, and class discussion field reflection activities
  • Print version includes free, searchable, digital access to entire contents of the book

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